Dave racing IM Kona, HI 2015, his 11th Qualification in 12 years as a triathlete

Dave racing IM Kona, HI 2015, his 11th Qualification in 12 years as a triathlete

Dave Ciaverella

Coaching Specialty: Ultraman,  Ironman and Half Ironman/70.3, Marathon
Triathlete since: 2004
Coach: Olaf Sabatschus 2007-2010

Dave is a life-long athlete, competing throughout high school and Division I Collegiate running. Following college and graduate school, Dave began competing in marathons while in medical school, during the time in which he became involved with research in sports nutrition and physiology. He continued running through the 90's, with marginal success, as he attained a USATF national marathon ranking of 19th following his 2:28 finish on the difficult Pittsburgh course, the site of the Men's National marathon championships in 1997. Dave continued as an elite amateur through his post-medical school training as a Neuroradiologist for the next 6 years with several overall marathon wins. Dave began his medical practice in 2001 after his final year of training, in Portland Oregon.

In 2003, while at a medical conference in Kona Hawaii, Dave walked out to the QK highway to "see what all the commotion was about". It was at this point, he first witnessed Ironman Hawaii, and was amazed of what he saw. "These endurance athletes, and the suffering on their faces blew me away, " he remembers thinking on that day. Dave later that weekend told his wife, "I want to be here next year, and I want to race." Thus began his ironman pursuit. Dave joined a local cycling team that fall, as well as a local triathlon team "ironheads", and began swim lessonswith Rob Williams, a well known local triathlete, ironheads club member and swim coach. In the spring of 2004, Dave entered his first 70.3 event, California, in an attempt to gain an qualifying slot for IM CdA.
In June 2004, his first IM at Coeur d' Alene Idaho,  horrifed at the 2000+ athletes and his first mass swim start, Dave waited 2 minutes after the starting cannon to begin, and entered the water in last place. Swimming a 1:15, and an 8 minute T1, he began the bike in  950th overall and 196th in the M35 division. Biking a respectable 5:15, he entered T2 in 200th overall and 51st in M35. He then entered his element on the run, chasing down athletes to 29th overall male and 6th in the M35 with a 3:08 marathon. He was on his way to Hawaii in his first season, 8 months after he spectated his first Kona race. 

Subsequently, as a physician and scientist, Dave became embedded in the sport, mostly in terms of effective training, recovery, and nutrition. Dave continued success at IM CdA with 2 consecutive podium finishes and 2 more Hawaii appearances over the next 2 years. Dave soon began informally coaching, primarily nutritional aspects and effective run for endurance triathlon. After, 4 years of competing and extensively studying the training strategies and optimal nutrition for success in the sport, with personal bests of 9:11 IM and  4:15 HIM,  Dave decided to formally coach.  With immediate success, Dave qualified 4 athletes in his first season in 2008, and now, as of 2011, had coached 21 qualification slots to Hawaii in age divisions ranging from F25 to M60, with 15 of the 21 as "first time qualifiers".   Dave credits his success in recent years not only to his pursuit of knowledge in the sport, but also to his elite coach Olaf Sabatschus, professional triathlete and multiple overall IM champion, finishing as high as 5th overall at IM Hawaii.
The 2012 season was difficult due to an 18 month injury sustained at the 23 mile mark during IM Texas, fracturing his ankle, and racing in to a M45 champion finish and 5th overall amateur.  The injury of the navicular bone resulted in slow come-back. 2013 seemed to be progressively stronger until a sustained low back injury related to a bike accident at the Summit Tucson Camp in March. After 2 months off and a very slow progression, Dave was able to put together a reasonable race at Timberman 70.3 despite needing to borrow a bike (bike lost by TSA).  Austin 70.3 was another unfortunate race with nearly an 8 minute mechanical during the bike segment that put me out of contention off the bike.  Dave did not give up however, and managed to climb back into 6th place in the division at the finish of the run. IM Arizona was on track again and he was nearly back to fitness and had a solid race, despite no training bike rides over 65 miles the entire summer, securing 6th M45 and at age 49, his 12th Kona qualifier. 
Now at age 50, 2015 proved to be a solid year, racing 4 Ironman events. With a poor IM Texas performance in May (8th M50), Dave decided to jump into IM CdA in June, a month later. That secured his 2015 Kona slot, the 12th qualifier in 12 years, with a 2nd M50 finish. Heading into Kona off injury, the race was more of an experience with a M50 52nd finish. Dave finished up the 2015 season with a M50 3rd place at IMAZ, a month after Kona, his 12th Qualifier since 2004.  Dave's racing consistency, while resulted in no divisional wins in 2015,  resulted in a 2015 WTC #1 World Ranking in the M50 category.                                      

Ironman Event Summary
Hawaii World Championships Qualifier
2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (No Kona Qualifier's raced in 2007)
Years Raced Hawaii World Championships
2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016
PR Ironman: Western Australia 2007, 9:11.32
PR Half Ironman: Clearwater 70.3 2007, 4:15.29
Number of Ironman and 70.3 Podium finishes - 20

Ironman Coeur d Alene June 2004 M35 6th
Ironman World Championships Oct 2004
Ironman Coeur d Alene June 2005 M35 3rd
Ironman World Championships Oct 2005
Ironman Coeur d Alene June 2006 M40 4th
Ironman World Championships Oct 2006
Ironman Roth Germany, June 2007 M40 7th
Ironman Western Australia Dec 2007 M40 5th
Ironman Arizona April 2008 M40 2nd
ITU Long Course World Championships Sep 2008 M40 5th
Ironman World Championships Oct 2008
Ironman Brazil May 2010 OA 29th, M45 Champion, 9:25
Ironman Hawaii Oct 2010 M45, 49th, 10:14
Ironman Arizona Nov 2010 M45, 5th, 9:44
Ironman Texas May 21, 2011 M45 Champion 5th OA Amateur, 24th OA male 9:29 (injury)
Ironman Hawaii Oct 2011 (Swim only, injury from IM Texas)
Ironman Coeur d Alene June 2012 M45 2nd, 10:10
Ironman Hawaii Oct 2012 (No Start, Bike Crash race week)
Ironman Arizona Nov 2013 M45 6th, 9:34
Ironman Texas May 2015 M50, 8th 10:22
Ironman Coeur d Alene June 2015 M50, 2nd 10:39
Ironman Hawaii Oct 2015 M50, 52nd 10:59
Ironman Arizona Nov 2015 M50, 3rd 9:47

Half Ironman/70.3 Event Summary
Florida 70.3 2005 M35 8th
Worlds Toughest Half, Auburn CA May 2006, M35 2nd
Florida 70.3 May 2007 M40 Champion
USAT Halfmax Nationals Sep 2007 M40 2nd
Pacific Crest Half Ironman June 2008 M40 Champion
Troika Half Ironman Aug 2008 M40 Champion
Florida 70.3 May 2009 M40 6th
Boise 70.3 June 2009 M40 Champion
Pacific Crest Half Ironman June 2009 M40 Champion
New Orleans 70.3, M45 Champion and AG course record, 4:25
California 70.3 April 3, 2011 M45 6th 4:28 (4th time racing event, 14 min. PR)
No 70.3 races 2012 due to persistent injury at Texas 2011
Timberman 70.3 Aug 2013, M45 6th, 4:38 (mechanical)
Austin 70.3 Nov 2013, M45 6th, 4:37 (mechanical)
New Orleans 70.3, April 2015, M50 2nd
Canada Whistler 70.3 July 24 2016, M50 Champion

New to Xterra Racing 2017 (First Season)
Xterra Oak Mountain, SE Regional Championships M50 3rd, April 2017
Xterra Utah, Pan American Championships, M50 5th, September 0217
Xterra World Championships, Maui, M50 12th, October 2017
*M50 Pan American Points Champion and NW Regional Champion, 2017

Other Accomplishments
Marathon PR 2:27.56 Non-USATF
Overall 19th Male, 1996 U.S. Men's National Marathon Championships, 2:28:43
2008 Male Masters TriNorthwest Overall Triathlete of the year
2009 Male Masters TriNorthwest Overall Triathlete of the year
2008 USAT Masters National ranking 13th
USAT All American 10 Consecutive years
2015 WTC M50 #1 World Ranking and Ironman Points Champion